Saturday, April 01, 2006

What is the ultimate role model Bodypump - Periodisation?

I have read over the last 5 years on various places about the above and the following is what I personally think.

To me it is someone who cans strip back the weights and work on a good technique class with the inital release of a program. Then over the release of the new Bodypump increases weights and demonstration "Body Correction"

If the release is new then striping back the weights offers time for "Body Correction" and re-focusing on the technical aspects of the class and proper ROM and execution of movement.

This then sets the pace and the "Race for Weight" domination over the next few weeks of teaching the release.

This motiovated me as a participant 8 years ago and still motivates me today instructional wise.

Increase the weights yes.

But remember going back to the basics and stripping it back down also increases technical awareness and increases your Bodypump weights progression.

Bodypump is based on the principles of Periodisation :) you periodise up and then go back to basics and work on that for the next 12 weeks of the release. You can make the class entertaining using the same release for at least 8 weeks instead of mixing matching to the point where the class has no clue or idea what they should be working on or trying to corrrect. Some people can only make it to class twice a week and only do a single release once ever and not even be able to experience "Body Correction" ever.

Which leads to the next objective:

Choosing a "Companion Track" a companion track is a track that is close enough structure wise to the last track used. In the current Bodypump we have Garbage as a track 3. The "Companion Track" for that song would be Jump Van Hallen from Bodypump 39 or Enter the Sandman - Metalica from Bodyoump 43. In the current 50's series Pump It Up Danzel from Bodypump 51they are excellent "Companion Tracks" clients can do those tracks with the increased weight loads in track 3 of the current Bodypump. Clients then can continue the Periodised phase that has been structured in the past 8 weeks. If you choose the wrong companion track then the participants are not going to appreciate it and would not be able to lift the weights established in the last 8 weeks of your carefully structured periodised structure. If you choose the structure and plan ahead then the rest takes care of itself. Selecting the "Companion Tracks" needs to be done at least 12 weeks ahead writing them up in a journal and sticking to the "Companion Tracks" structure.

In ending, if you periodise the release then this is offering the members of the class something special and makes them come back to the class. Lifting excessive weights is cool but they want some sort of challenge not a plateu of non-progressions which leads to boredom on so many levels.

If you do that then you are going to have a long and successful career in the fitness industry!

Your participants will also as well :)

It is their class!

The above is a personal viewpoint I have been thinking for the last 8 years and finally wanted to say something about the issue.

I am sorry about the rant!

Rant Over!


The above is a personal vierwpoint and not the viewpoint of Les Mills International. It is from 8 years of experience and observations over that time period. This site is not operated by or endorsed by Les Mills International and Les Mills International takes no responsibility for its content or the views expressed.


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